I had all the points to apply for residence so went online with the help of family friend who kept on influencing me to lodge for my residence, so I applied and was accepted in the pool draw for the expression of interest. After being accepted, was checking everyday for an invitation to apply for residence but nothing came up.

Life was really terrible and stressful for me and my family coming to a new place struggling to settle down since going back home was just like starting from the scratch. Can never forget the Sunday afternoon talkback show hosted by Usman Ali of Apna990 Hindi radio station who invited Mr. Saif to talk about his company and his experience. After listening to the talk back show, I immediately called Usman who was so polite and willing to help. Usman gave me the cell phone number for Mr. Saif and without wasting any moment I called Saif. I don’t know why after talking and explaining my situation to Saif, I felt a big relief as if he had taken all my pain away which he did.

After Mr. Saif took my case, all my tension was gone. With the help and guidance of Immigration Advise NZ Ltd, I managed to receive an invitation to apply and settle in New Zealand. The story does not finish here, it was a really big and terrible process, though Immigration invited me to apply for my residence, they did not want to approve it in the final stage explaining that there were locals who could do the job , but Saif fought this battle and we won.I take this opportunity to personally thank Saif and Ana who have not only guided us to difficult times But they have helped a lot of people who knocked on his door. Their charges are very low, their service is SUPER-SUPERB. They are the professionals with great expertise. Now we have got our residence and life has changed a lot, we have bought a business as well The most important thing I admire of Saif and Ana is that after finishing with our case, they have not finished the ties with us, They call us every now and then and ask us how we doing etc…. To me it looks like Immigration ADVISE NZ Ltd is more of a humanitarian association and less of a business group, as we have seen a lot of consultants who offer heaps of false promises for heaps of sums of money BUT Immigration ADVISE NZ Ltd offers heaps of help, relief and positive answers at little and very little cost.

We’re Proud to be associated with Immigration Advise NZ Ltd and recommend all friends who need his help and services, you will not return empty handed.

I had to get PR sorted through partner sponsorship which takes a minimum of 18 months when family referred us to Saif and Anna. Due to the recession and decreased work opportunities we had to get this done a lot faster as everyone knows Employers don’t want to wait for work permits.

From the start they realised the importance and stress associated with this for us and went out of their way to provide excellent service and advise making this process a lot less stressful. My PR was completed in 6 months and we were over the moon!!!!!!

Thank you again Saif and Anna for exceptional service and advise as we can now get on with our new life here in New Zealand.

We had the pleasure of dealing with Immigration Advice New Zealand and the wonderful staff that work there.

We were very apprehensive when we started the process and had many questions. Saif and his staff laid all our fears to rest and answered every question we had with confidence. Our application for permanent residence in New Zealand was approved within 3 months without any comebacks or hassles. We found Saif and his staff to be wonderfully knowledgeable and professional in their dealings with us. All the undertakings they made were realised and they ensured that they kept us updated on the progress at all times.

We can certainly recommend their services to anyone and have already advised our families that when their opportunities arise to also immigrate to New Zealand to make use of their services. We cannot thank Immigration Advice New Zealand enough for their assistance and guidance through this process. What seemed to us to be a huge and intimidating process was made simple and fast by their efficiencies. It was well worth the fee that we paid them.


Sarfraz (Saif) Shaikh
Licensed Immigration Advisor
Licence # 200900488
Ana Shaikh
Licensed Immigration Advisor
Licence # 201201080
Naved Shaikh
Licensed Immigration Advisor
Licence # 201500737
Member of New Zealand Association for Migration & Investment