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Provide tailor-made solutions to individual immigrants seeking to:

  • Visit
  • Study
  • Travel to NZ to look for a job
  • Work Temporarily or Permanently
  • Live in NZ Permanently
    • By doing business (minimum business investment of NZD$200,000)
    • By investing in NZ (minimum investment of NZD$500,000)
    • By processing the right skills through qualifications and/or work experience that are required in NZ
    • By sponsoring spouse, dependants or immediate family members currently outside of NZ
  • Enjoy retirement in NZ

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Assist employers recruiting employees from overseas:

  • Individual employees and their families
  • Bulk overseas recruitment campaigns of 200+ employees
  • Employer Helpline – Phone assistance for employers

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Provide Technical Support to new entrants or experienced Immigration advisors with reviews, appeals, ministerial requests, and highly complex cases.


Sarfraz (Saif) Shaikh
Licensed Immigration Advisor
Licence # 200900488
Ana Shaikh
Licensed Immigration Advisor
Licence # 201201080
Naved Shaikh
Licensed Immigration Advisor
Licence # 201500737
Member of New Zealand Association for Migration & Investment