Investors Visas

Is an INVESTOR VISA for me?

If you think you have the talent, resources and skills to invest in, set up and manage a business in New Zealand, then this visa category may be what you are looking for.

The investor category exists largely to encourage investment in New Zealand, growing profitable businesses and providing jobs to New Zealanders.

There are two main categories through which you could apply for residence in New Zealand through investment.

These are the Investor Plus (with a minimum investment amount of NZ$10 million) and the Investor (with a minimum investment amount of NZ$1.5 million) which enables applicants to live in New Zealand permanently. There is also a third category, the Temporary Retirement Category, that is essentially a visitor’s visa (for up to two years) which allows successful applicants to live temporarily in New Zealand based on certain requirements for investments and assets.

Each category has specific requirements such as age, language requirements, experience, and funds etc. The funds may be a mix of money and/or assets that will be invested in New Zealand. An application will need to meet various criteria as well as score a certain number of points based on your “Expression of Interest”.

Of course, your funds/assets will need to be proven as being owned by you or jointly with your partner/children. Additionally evidence will be required to show that the funds/assets are unencumbered, have been legally acquired, and are transferable through the banking system.

Once you have the above identified and organised, you will have 12 months to transfer your funds in an acceptable manner and invest in an approved business in New Zealand. You will also be able to apply for a work visa during this time in order to examine various opportunities in the country and manage your investment.

There are various other criteria and requirements that must be met during your investment period, such as the amount of time you stay in the country, and out of it, as well as the amount of time your funds are invested in your chosen business.

At IANZL, we are well equipped to guide you through this detailed procedure of investing in New Zealand. Reach out to us today and you can get a head start on acquiring residence through investment in New Zealand.


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