Business Visas

Is the BUSINESS VISA for me?

Now that the lifestyle of the country and the spectacular surroundings have tempted you into considering the move to New Zealand, do you think you would like to set up / move your business here? Or perhaps you would like to invest in existing businesses that would allow you to live here and enjoy all the benefits as well?

Setting up a business as an entrepreneur in New Zealand can be a highly rewarding venture, and New Zealand encourages business development and welcomes entrepreneurs. Whether you are an experienced business person or someone who wants to set up his own business and be self-employed, applying for a work visa under the Entrepreneur may be options for you to consider.

Of course, there are some requirements that have to be met in order to be eligible for these visas, such as capital investment and the right skill sets. Our team at IANZL is ready to help you through the process of visa application. Our skilled professionals will assist you in a step-by-step process to determine your eligibility for the right kind of business visa and will guide you through every aspect of the application process.

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Sarfraz (Saif) Shaikh
Licensed Immigration Advisor
Licence # 200900488
Ana Shaikh
Licensed Immigration Advisor
Licence # 201201080
Naved Shaikh
Licensed Immigration Advisor
Licence # 201500737
Member of New Zealand Association for Migration & Investment