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Great news for citizens of Mauritius and the Seychelles

From 21 November this year, two new countries will be added to the list of visa waiver countries which means their citizens will not need to apply for a Visitor Visa before coming to NZ.

Hence, any visitor holding a passport from Mauritius or the Seychelles will be able to come to NZ for a maximum of 3 months, and simply have their passport stamped at the border.

The reason for this new arrangement is that NZ has developed an increasing relationship with these two countries in terms of tourism and business opportunities.

Although citizens of both these countries will no longer require a pre-arranged visa, they will still need to meet with our standard health and character requirements, and provide evidence of funds to be able to support themselves while in NZ.
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Immigration changes for citizens of South Africa

As you may be aware, INZ allow passport holders from a number of countries to visit NZ for a maximum of 3 months without having to apply for a Visitor Visa. One of those countries included South Africa.

However, from 21 November 2016, this will change. This means that anyone holding a South African passport will need to lodge a formal application with INZ to visit NZ.

The reason for this is because INZ have had a number of South African passport holders arriving into NZ who do not meet with INZ’s requirements for entry to NZ.

Hence, from 21 November this year, anyone who wants to visit NZ with a South African passport will need to apply for a Visitor Visa before they board on a plane to NZ. The cost to lodge an application online is NZ$165, and you will not be able to travel to NZ until your application has been approved by INZ.
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